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With Buffalo you can...
  • Streamline the device repair process from book-in to completion
  • Centralise the management of repairs, accessory sales, buying and selling devices and more
  • Unify your communication with customers and take advantage of automated messages

PC, Tablet or Phone

Work comfortably from any device and access your customers, repairs and other data from anywhere.

Multiple Users

An account for every employee to add notes, track changes to tickets, contact customers and more.

Easy to Use

Powerful, useful features built-in to cover the key areas of your business and free from bloat.

Start-to-finish management of your repair jobs

With Buffalo you have the tools to manage to entire repair journey. Record the repair details, update its status as it progresses and track how much time is remaining. Buffalo can inform the customer when the repair is complete. Finally, you can generate an invoice or take an in-person payment and print/send the customer their receipt.

Manage your buying and selling activities

It's likely that your business trades phones and other devices. Use Buffalo to streamline the process by keeping a record of the devices you purchase including a copy of the customer's ID and all the devices in your inventory. Easily print out price labels when you're ready to sell and have them automatically listed on your website or posted to Facebook via our API.

POS system for your accessories and products

Buffalo includes a complete Point-of-Sale system. Easily record sales for everything you sell in your store, print receipts with your business information on them, issue refunds and track what products are selling well. A responsive interface means you have convenience of operating this from a tablet.

Set a date with a customer

Most of your jobs are probably from walk-in customers. Offering appointments in addition to this can help to put busy customers at ease knowing that you have the necessary parts and expertise to deal with their issue and at a time that is suitable for them. Use Buffalo to effortlessly record appointment details and automatically send customers confirmations and reminders.

Open your business to the rest of the country COMING SOON

Why should you limit your services to your local area? Take advantage of Buffalo's mail-in feature to accept devices for repair from anywhere. Have customers ship you their devices and then you process them, invoice the customer for online payment and then ship them back.

Unlimited use with one simple plan + 1 month free trial

Get unlimited access to all features for £50/month. We'll help you to configure your account, connect your printers and get you set up quickly. We're also on hand to provide ongoing support via email and phone. 100 SMS credits are also included.

Businesses using Buffalo

"Our booking process was slowing us down, it involved manual steps and was costly when we made mistakes. Buffalo has really simplified our workflow - all our data is in one place, we can search old tickets, send emails/SMS, check warranty, create appointments..."

Habib — Mobiles Plus

"We inherited a system from the previous owner which was clunky and hard to navigate. We were recommended Buffalo and it has really simplified how we operate, creating a repair job is so easy and customers really appreciate the SMS notifications."

Miqdad — Funky Fones

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Yasir — Phone Geeks

Buffalo is an easy-to-use, browser-based, cloud software with all the right features to run your repair shop like a professional. Use it to manage repair jobs, customers, communication, the buying and selling of devices, payments and more.

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